Cyber Self Minimalism!

Like most folx I find myself caught up in cyber living, *my online life* as well as of the world living life... I like to be balanced in both and really be more in the world living life..
So I wanted to give some tips on what makes my life as minimalist as possible in the Cyber world. I keep it fun but simple!

Blogpress app (requires a iPhone or iTouch)
The only app for Blogger... It also does Wordpress, Tumblr, etc! It is the best app out there and is only $2.99 I think I paid $4.99 for it a year or so ago! I do most all of my Blog posting from that app on my iPhone. I can upload pictures, links, and more. I really love it. You can add more than one blogger account if you need to and save your post for later, etc! It Rocks! Blogpress is that app for your blogger needs!!!

*Texting and Phoning
I do text alot, I talk on the phone not so much.. But there is a awesome app that rocks out called TextFree! IT is the most amazing phone and texting app! All texts are free (doesn't do photo but I'm fine with that) Gives you a free phone number, and the ability to buy minutes on the cheap cheap cheap! $1.99 for 100 minutes, $4.99 for 250 minutes, $9.99 for 500 minutes. And not only is that a good deal all incoming calls are free!! And you can earn free minutes by downloading free and paid apps! Win WIN WIN! It works with 3g or WIFI.. I block my texting from AT&T and save money there as well as cut down on my AT&T phone minutes and just use Textfree most of the time...

*RSS Reader
I read alot of blogs! They inspire me, cre8te a point of relaxation for me and just make me feel plugged into the world! I luv it! I use Google Reader on my iPhone. I just download the Google Reader App from Google Mobile Reader and sign in and you can read away at your hearts desire. You can also add notes, keep unread, share, like, email and add tags...

I use to own alot alot of cds! I decided to go thru them a few years ago & donate them. A year half ago I decided to put them online on for $20.00 year. That way I didn't have to have all that music on my laptop! Well that worked out pretty good for awhile. At that time I also was a member of When my renewal came up for I spaced & they cancelled my account & I lost all my music! Then around same time started doing this thing where you could only upload a song once! And I was using it as storage for all music I downloaded every month!! Opps! So I cancelled that subscription and lost all that music too..
And now what do I do since I luv luv luv music?
Pandora I just put in whatever song or artist I dig and then it gives me a channel and plays similar songs as well as you can thumbs up or down it and it fine tunes that channel! You can also bookmark a song in case you wanna buy it on iTunes.. I do that sometimes.. But really I just listen to Pandora in my car and on my Nookcolor, or thru my Roku Tv Web, and if you chose to you can pay $36 a year for no commercials. I mention that the app is free???

Hubby & I decided to do that no cable thing... I didn't throw out my tv's and I do have two flat screens.. One in the living room (we dont use anymore!) and one in our bedroom... We bought a Roku Box *internet TV* and are so happy! We only watch tv now to relax a bit and itz only thru Hulu or Netflix. Movies or old TV shows. We just finished watching all the Bob Newhart Shows *he had three seasons back in the day! We watch 60's and 70's shows and the TV goes off as soon as that show is over so if we fall asleep during the show no more TV on all nite and buggin out our subconscious mind! We see it as a appetizer not the main course! Its fun now and we don't watch commercials and such.. No consumerism slipping into our subconscious!

We just have Verizon WIFI set up for our Roku TV, laptop and iPhone/Nookcolor. $35 month. We did try Clearwire *MIFI for a while but the signal was just to poor in our area..

Ok I am huge Fanboy of Nook and NookColor by B&N ! Awesome products and has made a huge dent in our minimalist journey! I got a Nook last June and really dug it. I was able to get my library (most of it) on the Nook and donate a huge amount.. For us that was 20 books! Now we are down to just my 70's Craft books and some health books my hubby uses alot like for reference!
I then got for Christmas a Nookcolor! I gave the Nook to hubby and I now am more in Luv with the Nook products! I can surf the web and read a magazine and book in full color as well as tweet about what I am reading or a passage! SO much I can do with it.. A Andriod tablet Reader I highly recommend especially for $249.00.
I use to get a few magazines delivered & now I read them on my NookColor! I also spend less now since we would go to B & N every weekend and i'd buy a book, drinks, etc! Now its maybe $20 a month if that on ebooks or magazines. If you really luv to read and want to declutter and minimalize your life get a Nook!

Twitter for Iphone is the easiest no brainer way to follow tweets and whatz going on in tweetville! I have been on Twitter for a few years and really realy really like it. Better then FB. I find that I get news, I get updates from friends, and pertinent things going on in the world! I also like I can just put a simple line in and be done. Or link my blog post to it... It is a great app and simple to use. Downfall is if you have more then one account doesn't work. I don't so its ease of use for me!

Bank of America has iPhone App were I do all my banking thru. I can do transfers & find ATM locations!

Again fall back on the iPhone.. It has a built in app for emails and all my accounts are set up thru it and it notifies me if I have any emails... SO easy I rarely use my laptop anymore.... I really mainly use my iphone or Nookcolor thatz about it!

*Assorted Apps for iPhone
To to many to mention, but I don't have alot on my iphone, since I am into simplifying my life! I do have AA Big Book App, Starbucks App (where I meet Sponsees at), Groupon, Living Social Daily Discount Apps, Meetup App, Instagram photo app, Hipstamatic app, Camera Bag app, Tree Hugger App, and a few more.. I use my iPhone for photography since the apps are so great you can really doll them up even if the quality is lacking!

I think that covers it.. I hope this was helpful and you found it to be inspiring for you to also find the simplist way to manuever around your cyber self!

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