Decluttering your life with a Ereader!

Cute Protective Cover! Stylin Kobo!

Wild Wild Life Protective Case
(no you don't need these, just cute & fun accessories!)

I know we minimalist aren't suppose to consume.

But what if you could buy a item that took boxes of your stuff out of your life?

Namely books, PDFs, magazines, comics! Dead Tree Reading Material can take up walls of bookcases, that not only take up room, but require upkeep & care.

Not only do DTB's add clutter they are also unhealthy for our world. The number of trees it takes to mass produce DTB's are astonishing & horrifying! I for one don't want to be part of that negative impact on our Earth movement! Say you care by purchasing a Ereader!

You'll be able to carry a huge library on your 13 0unce device, so you can let go off your DTB versions & create space in your life! Your Ereader can go anywhere & be your compadre when your waiting at the doctors, DMV, etc! You can feel good about helping the environment & enjoy reading anywhere including outside!

Anyhoo Kobo by Borders is now only $99! Run don't walk to get one, and some moving boxes for all the books that are waiting to be packed up!

- Shanti

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