My Journey w Zeitgeist Movement

Zeitgeist Movement fits right in line w my minimalist beliefs.

Pay off debt, live debt free, minimize stuff, downsize & small living.

Under the wire livin I call it.

I live apt so growing my own food is limited, but I do buy locale as well as drive little as possible.
If I want to purchase something I wait on it, or make it. If I still want it a few weeks later & need it I buy it.
Then I take a item out of my house & donate.
I don't do Cable or TV, so I don't get bombarded w ads to get me to buy.
I live a simple life to simply live. I don't do it perfectly as it's a work in progress...
Or as my friend Keith says:
love the concept. Live the high life by living low...

For now thatz how I see I can embody this movement & thru participation!

- Shanti

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