My Minimalism Life & the Balancing Act

There I said it!
I'm flawed, impurrfect, human...

I desire the minimalist lifestyle & sometimes fall into consumer addiction.

Addiction & Stuff..
What I mean by that is I occasionally purchase something for the "feel good" factor, period. No I don't require the item, don't need it, I desire it.
My emotion rules my intellect, my rational mind.
I may need a emotional pick me up, just a little somethin somethin to thrill me, divert me, escape from what I don't want to feel.

I know sounds like a addict? Bingo... Transparency is my truth.
I am one so it's not surprising I would transfer addictions, I do it often. Only now a days with legal stuff, food, spending, etc..
I've gotten mucho better at it, but as most things, I have vast room for improvement!

Spending this week:
-Black & silvery shoelaces
-Converse One Star Graymetal Glitter Tennis Shoes I got this week from EBay (I luv them!)
(I own five pairs of shoes & 2 flip flops)
-Betsey Johnson Clearance kickin reading glasses (other ones broke, could gotta cheaper pair!),
-Siddartha Ebook (for LB Reading Book Club)
-A Course in Miracles for Weightloss Ebook
-A Course in Miracles Ebook
-Praying Peace Ebook
-The Power of Less Ebook
-Less is More Ebook
-Irresistible Revolution Ebook
(I scored a bunch of $10 for $20 Groupon B & N Gift Vouchers)

I'm doin way better then in the past and happy bout that.. But come on I can only read one book @ time & didn't need a second pair of sparkly style converse!

My hubby is the true minimalist in our home! He buys nothing, nada for himself!! He calls me the wannabe minimalist! He's right sometimes!

Respecting family members take on Minimalism..
But he's the hoarder, I'm the one who's always been spring cleaning every few months & doing donations.. Thatz been my life always, I never knew it was called de-cluttering! I'd like to simplify even more, but respect where my hubby is with it. We have a very streamlined home & lots of empty space in our 700 sq ft apartment. No extra storage & not all the cabinets are used. We even have a empty small bookcase the Large Flat screen sits on. I would be ok w getting rid of the bookcase & TV, we use it so rarely but Hubby's not ready, not yet!!

Bring in/Take Out Drill..
We hardly ever have to spring clean anymore cause were on the downside of consuming. I'm usually real careful as to donate/giveaway something if we bring something new into our fold. I guess I'm seeing stuff as a relationship & making sure I want that relationship in my life!

Stuff & My relationship to it..
Do I luv it? Does it make me smile? Am I happy to see it? If not why own it? Is it me? Represent my beliefs, style, vibe?

Most stuff I choose to own now does! And if I can't make it fit that criteria (crafting) then it stays where it belongs w someone else!

If I don't buy it..
I can usually visit the item or take a picture for the memory! And chances are I would just get bored with it and move on anyway!

- Shanti

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