One Hundredth Monkey Effect & Me!

The "average American" see's over 2000 ADS A DAY! Whether TV, Radio, Billboards, Magazines, etc. that is cr8zy!!

What I personally do to limit ads in my life?

I watch Hulu Plus & Netflix on my TV. Hulu ads are usually for non-profits, but they sneak one ad in during the show (my popcorn, bathroom, texting break) Its usually a short ad though.
Netflix on the other hand has no ads!
We now watch old 70's TV shows only @ nite. Usually one maybe two. Our Large flat screen in living room doesn't get used anymore but for Netflix movies!

As far as magazines go I choose to do digital magazines on my NookColor so I can just swipe past ads & go right to articles!

Web & Ads
I have Yahoo email & set up my home page to go right to my email page. Small amount of ads.

Malll & Ads
I rarely go to mall. 3 months of living in Long Beach I have no idea where the mall is.
With that said I do go recently when in LA.
We visited The Grove & Beverly center for specific items.
I didn't get sidetracked! Huge for me!
Got a Nook flat oilcloth canvas large over shoulder passport bag (use it as purse too!). Had $20 groupon so ended up paying $20 plus w tax. That I will use daily & can now take my NC w me if I choose!
And went to Macy's to get 12 year charms & bracelet for my AA 12 year anniversary.

Conscious TV watching
TV mindless watching consciousness is what needs to shift in our society. be very mindful of what u see & watch & freakin turn off your TV sometimes & enjoy life!

What can we do personally?
Do a TV detox! Turn off your TV for one week. Only watch Netflix Movies or shows on Netflix. Read, write or better yet go outside for a walk! Count stars! Get a blanket & do cloud shifting! Go to your locale Botanical gardens!

As each one of us makes these strides in letting go off this lifestyle we've cre8ted it will eventually change us as a society! The Hundredth Monkey Effect will happen!

Be the Change not the obstacle!

- Shanti

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