Simplify, Minimize, Rectify

So much of what I do & what I think is a reflex from my past. I know this to be true!
I am a product of my upbringing & surroundings! Yet I think I'm open to change..

But am I really? Or am I just reworking what I already know to be true for myself.
Am I really I mean really going out on the limb to get the fruit?

Am I living life to the fullest in the face of my fears? Fearless living?
No I'm not.

Am I ok w that? For today I am. I'm ok w being comfortable, cozy, knowing a bit of a routine. It's not my norm to live chaos, drama free. Nor routine like behavior. But I feel the value in living simply.

Do I want to live a Life of maximum high octane fearlessness? I gotta say for today no.
I want to be in my groove & live simply, live well, and live peacefully...

And maybe minimalist living means just that for me... Peaceful, simple living w a twist of cre8tif bliss....

Are u living Fearlessly or simply living?

- Shanti

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