Why I'm deleting my Facebook Account

I've been wanting to let this habit go for awhile now.. I kept putting it off felt guilty I rarely logged in & checked my wall, your wall, events, etc. I used it only to post my blog updates.

I finally pulled the plug on my 12 year Recovery bday, yesterday.

I feel free, as though I cleaned & organized a cluttered room. I'm no longer obligated to like u, or your comments. I'm not obligated to see the latest vides, photos or passages u share.
I'm free of thinking these 500 people luv me, and care for me. I'm free of little chit chat and useless conversation.

I will miss the uplifting positive vibes of my real friends! I am starting to have second, third & forth thoughts on deleting it.

Did I mention it takes two weeks to delete it & if u sign in within two weeks u have to start the process over again?

Ok this maybe a work in progress, maybe I am addicted to FB?

- Shanti

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