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Summer Breeze

Feels like it here! More inspiration! Summer Luv!!

Yummy! Going to be making these this weekend!

Mason Jar Luv!

Infused waters!! My Fav! Lemon water in Fridge right now!

Amazing & a dream hammock!!

Cutesy Funkster Summer Nites clutch!

Sunshine Fashions!!! Burdines Fla style 1960's!

More Sunshine Fashions! Luv colours of this Burdines!

Blues of Ocean


Summer 2011 Jewelry Line Inspiration

I'm secretly (haha) working on my new bracelet line for summer! It's gonna have all the elements of Florida, bright, sunny summer on your wrist vibe to make you smile!

I'm working on vision boards with pictures of my fav colours, styles & designs of jewelry, beads & inspiration!

I want to share them!

Sea Glass will definitely be part of the designs!

Luv blues & greens!! Atlantic Ocean & The Gulf swirled into one!

Luv Kiwi vibe!

Oh my gosh beautiful for bracelet luv!

Gorgeous Design I'm thinking bracelet designs!
By Erin Siegel

Inspiring Sea Glass Beach Luv!

Chunky Sea Glass Yummy Bracelet fun!

Blues, Greens, maybe some sand colour and surprise of orange for my new Summer Bracelet Line..


So much good it's cr8zy!

Yep that's right! With Summer like weather, sunny skies & beautiful beach dayz what more can a Grrl ask for?

Plus a bonus of friends in town to enjoy Spring Break!!

I'm giddy with delight!! It's awesome to be back home!!

I thought I'd post some fun pics that are inspiring me right this minute!!!

And i just wanna say Liz you will so be missed give Dick a hug for me!

Luv Luv this head board idea! Twinkle lights!
photo: Apartment Therapy

For my dream Bahamaian Refuge!
photo: Coastal Living Magazine

More Bahama Decor for my dream pad!
photo: Coastal Living Magazine

Dream Dolphin Kiss
photo: unknown

Liz & Dick Happy times in the Sun!
photo: unknown

Ok a bit of retrofied fun!
photo: unknown

Way Way to go!
photo: unknown

Way cute Summer tote!
photo unknown

Liz, Dick & Lucy WoW!


Likey Like List!

Yes even little minimalist me
Likes to dream of few new things for summer!!!

Cute Freakeness! By Moxie!

So going to invest in this Crafty Book!

Luv Luv these!

Looks Yummy! Scentarama fun!

So would like the Beachin it Teepee!

So gonna make some lovely Summery Always Bracelets!

My Nemesis: Shopping!
I've gotten the shopping bug lately.. But mostly for tanks, matching capri's & hoodies.. I downsized my Cali wardrobe to not much for our move back home... And I knew once we got settled i'd do some Fla wardrobe shopping.. So I decided on yellowy lime capri's, coral capri's, sea green capri's and tanks in matching colours.. Two dressy style light hoodies in coral & blue.. I like to think of my new wardrobe as Fla Stylin for garanimals!

I was lucky to get most of my goodies at: TJ Maxx, Old Navy & can u believe Wal Mart? They carry the Danskin line & I've always liked their sporty spice cuteness!
I also took a jaunt down to Vero Beach to The Gap Outlet.. I re…

Summertime is here...

In Florida that is! Satellite Beach is balmy, sunny & low 80's! Gre8t spring break weather fa sure!!!!

I wanted to share some Pinterest fun!

Dreamz of Watermelon Slushy's!

Alwayz! My Mantra!!

Yum Yum to Tum Tum!

Ready to Chillllll?

Intimate Porch Times...

Cute! cute! Cute! Thanx Draw Pilgrim!

Ok now go out & celebrate Summer! Even if it's just in your mind....


Wonderful Cali Friends..

Who made being there so mucho better! And even though I missed home, I feel so blessed & honored to have awesome Cali friends that can come visit & are now part of my family!!!


Today's Photo Journey

Most Beautiful Day @ Beach!
81 degrees & Sunny! Great beachwalking weather!

Instagram Pic!

Sunny, Hot Beautiful Beach Day!

Beautiful Beachfront Home ready to relax!

Full Super Duper Moon @ Beach Tonite!


My day in pictures! We are so blessed to live here! Mucho
More to Come!!

- Shanti

Blogging Resumes...

I have went thru so many freakin changes I couldn't even think bout blogging! And so much has happened that the transformation is taking root in my soul!

Whatz been up!

Hubby got laid off 2/11. We decided to come back to Fla 2/16. Rent Apt in Satellite Beach & started packing. We decided on 5x8 trailer to be pulled by my Scion XB...
We gave away lots to a few good organizations.. My minimalist lifestyle had paid off!

On the 25th T filled the trailer strategically!
We left on 26th...

So off T & I & our two furbabies...

First stop my Dad & his wife in Phoenix. Edda cooked us a great meal & we all enjoyed Phoenix hospitality!

Our second evening was Las Cruces... We drove thru snow & cold! Doggies got there first taste of snow & didn't seem to care for it!

Then onto Texas... What a rather long drive.... We stopped in Junction, Texas then Beaumont, LA....

Finally on 5th day we entered FLA!!!

A cute story when Tony & his twin Terry entered Fla w their pare…