Blogging Resumes...

I have went thru so many freakin changes I couldn't even think bout blogging! And so much has happened that the transformation is taking root in my soul!

Whatz been up!

Hubby got laid off 2/11. We decided to come back to Fla 2/16. Rent Apt in Satellite Beach & started packing. We decided on 5x8 trailer to be pulled by my Scion XB...
We gave away lots to a few good organizations.. My minimalist lifestyle had paid off!

On the 25th T filled the trailer strategically!
We left on 26th...

So off T & I & our two furbabies...

First stop my Dad & his wife in Phoenix. Edda cooked us a great meal & we all enjoyed Phoenix hospitality!

Our second evening was Las Cruces... We drove thru snow & cold! Doggies got there first taste of snow & didn't seem to care for it!

Then onto Texas... What a rather long drive.... We stopped in Junction, Texas then Beaumont, LA....

Finally on 5th day we entered FLA!!!

A cute story when Tony & his twin Terry entered Fla w their parents (they were 5 years old) as they crossed state line & it said welcome to Florida their dad said your in Fla you won't need your sweaters anymore & they proceeded to take them off & throw them out the window!

So in honor of that I threw one of the doggies sweater out of the window!!

We stayed at Pensacola and celebrated with a southern style buffett!
Then 9 hours of long grueling drive...
We finallllllly saw the Brevard County sign & I yelped with joy!!
Finally on March 3rd @ 4:55 pm we entered our apartment complex & were home!!!!

We unloaded the cars & trailer, put everything away & finally fell over with exhaustion!

For last two weeks we've been walking on beach with doggies, getting a tan, fine tuning our apartment.. And reading, chilling & slowing down into Fla vibe!!
Here's our view out our Apt!

And we walk across the street to the beach. We are beyond blessed!
My cre8tiv energy is back & my gleefulness to finally be "home". After two years of hoping & praying and hard work were where we belong!

- Shanti

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