So much good it's cr8zy!

Yep that's right! With Summer like weather, sunny skies & beautiful beach dayz what more can a Grrl ask for?

Plus a bonus of friends in town to enjoy Spring Break!!

I'm giddy with delight!! It's awesome to be back home!!

I thought I'd post some fun pics that are inspiring me right this minute!!!

And i just wanna say Liz you will so be missed give Dick a hug for me!

Luv Luv this head board idea! Twinkle lights!
photo: Apartment Therapy

For my dream Bahamaian Refuge!
photo: Coastal Living Magazine

More Bahama Decor for my dream pad!
photo: Coastal Living Magazine

Dream Dolphin Kiss
photo: unknown

Liz & Dick Happy times in the Sun!
photo: unknown

Ok a bit of retrofied fun!
photo: unknown

Way Way to go!
photo: unknown

Way cute Summer tote!
photo unknown

Liz, Dick & Lucy WoW!


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