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Crafty Book Lust!

Swoon my heart be still... I have been lusting after these books awhile, even though I don't buy alot of dead tree books anymore, Craft Books are special!
I don't really enjoy on them on my Nook Color, I luv to have the books in my hot little hands!...

I wanted to share them & get my luv affair out in the open! Some are new, coming out next month others are rare & vintage!

This looks yummy!! Since I have no sewing machine skills, this book is perfect for me! There's something oh so relaxing sitting in comfy chair, with glass of ice tea and stitching up some goodies by hand. Very relaxing & ole school fa sure!
I'm hoping this is one of the many new books coming out for sewing by hand!

I'm a big fan of Cathy of California's blog! She is amazing & I'm surprised it took this long for her to come out with a crafty book! I'm excited about this book because if she's putting her name on it, then I know it's gold vintage chic crafty fun!

I o…

My Dreamy Bedroom

I dig my bedroom.. OJ, Yello with pop of bright pink! Also utilitarian since we've only got one! I just adore platform beds, futon mattresses, Ikea side table. My design concept is minimalist design, maximum punch (Hawaiian that is!)!

Here are my idea dreamy bedrooms, designs...

Simple, but Stylin.. Granny Chic luv!

Amazing blue walls! Gulf of Mexico blue!

Luv Luv this headboard design!
Chalkboard paint 4 everyone!

Dream Island Retreat Bedroom Luv!
photo: Coastal Living

Balloons Everyday Bedroom Luv! Ethereal!

Crafting, Sleeptime combined... Dreammmmy!

Headboard on the fly!

Color, Island Shack Vibe!

Wow Summer Camp Meets Boho Chic Luv


Longest Day Ever w Results!

photo: unknown

What a freakin day! Worked 17 hours from 3pm yesterday to-8:30 am today...

Fast Forward..
Got home napped for 3 hours went to Palm Bay for my HHA Test & it's Hot as Hades in School!

Someone stole all the air conditioners from behind the building this weekend! In nice complex in good part of Palm Bay (if there's such a thing!)..

125 ?'s some we never had time to go over in class & wasn't in our book!!


I prayed asking for guidance & peace (I was bag of nerves)... 1 1/2 hours later finished.. Got 82% and passed! Thank u Universe! and no more overnite shifts 4 me!!!


Yah I've got my HHA Certificate & I'm moving forward toward my goal!

- Shanti

Happy Easter You! Happy Bday Me!

Yep thatz right! Bday Dance on Easter! How many peeps can say Easter is on their Bday? Me!

Cocoa Beach Early

I am so blessed after a hard day at work w a client in Cocoa Beach yesterday, I took a much needed nappie when I got home... I woke up refreshed and was told by hubby to get ready for a surprise! So of course I did!

Well 30 minutes later we were at Jack Bakers Lobster Shanty in Cocoa Beach! With a gorgeous view of the Indian River!!! What a dream!
I had my fav Fried Clams and let me tell you it was huge plate full!
I felt so blessed to have wonderful hubby, gre8t food, incredible view and be back home...BLISS! Truly!

We drove to Merritt Island after & saw the beautiful Mango Sunset!! Wowwww!!

Hubby gifted me with a $100 Gift Certificate to Aquarian Dreams!! And $50 shopping fun at TJ Maxx!

I also scored people magazine Special Edition on Liz Taylor!! Luv it!!!

Next week my friends will get together to celebr8te Bdays!!! So awesome April/May Aries/Taurus Babies!

- Shanti

Happy Earth Day Everday

Earth Day is Everyday for me!
I'm Just goin keep doin what I'm doin... Reducing my Footprint as much as possible.. I pray you do the same.
Thank u Mother Earth I LUV U!

Walt Kelly 1970 Poster for First Earth Day Celebration!

I luv the following Prayer..
From The Movie: Men who Stare at Goats..

Mother Earth Prayer

“Mother Earth, my life support system. As your loyal servant I must drink your blue water, live inside your red clay and eat your green skin.

I pray my feet will always kiss your face and my footsteps match your heartbeat.

Carry my body through space and time. You are my connection to the Universe and all that comes after. I am yours and you are mine. ”


Week of New Beginnings...

The start of my Birthday Week is always fun! I like to drag it out as long as I can!! Anything to have fun celebrations in the Spring!! I luv being born in Springtime, a renewed, vibrant time of growth.. Warm breezes, sunny days & short sleeves! What more could you ask for? Oh yes, Earth Day, Easter, hmmm lots to celebrate!

Actually My Bday is Easter this year! Funnnnny!

I'm starting a Class this week. Home Health Aide. Even though I'm already working in the field, I'm not certified & getting as much mula as I could.

It's a two week course. One week in Class & one week home study then I take 125 question test... Eek!

I'm excited for two reasons.
1. I'm getting a Certification I can use forever
2. I'm going to tie this in with my Esthetician License.

My goal is to offer Elderly Spa Services. It's the one thing missing in most of these clients lives. Human touch, pampering, relaxing & healing benefits of Spa treatments!

I'm looking at startin…

Essentially Florida

One very hot dry sunny June afternoon I was thrifting in Palm Springs & missing Florida big time!

I happen to be browsing thru some books when a pink, yellow and green cover called my name. I was so intrigued open the book and it said "Essentially Lily". Upon further investigation I was drawn into the vibrant pictures, colours & energy.

And it was about FLORIDA! How kewl is that? It makes sense Palm Springs/Palm Beach... Very similar vibe just way different environment!

So I snagged the coffee table style book about you guessed it Lily Pulitzer of the same shift/chemise style classic dress plus everything else Lily Empire!

Lily now at her home in Palm Beach. She's known for Barefoot Casual Chic.

She started out w advantages, ok not your normal rags to riches story. More the depressed & doesn't know what to do with herself too much time & money turned into Empire Story!

Lily admits being a client of the place rich women go to have nervy breakdowns. The Doct…

Friday Get Your Funk On!

New weekly Post of Fun & Funk!
This Friday is going to be all bout Beach Livin!

Most Gorgeous Lounging Beach Luxury

Soap! Amazing!

Beautiful Colours, fun TeePee, Comfy Vibe for Beach!

Gosh comfy, airy, sweet & Beachy dreamin!

Driftwood, and shells in fireplace w candles! So beach relaxing!

Glass Jars with Sand & Shells! Simply gorgeous!

Blue & green glass assortment for lovely hues of sea glass luv!


If you wait long enuff...

Whatever you desire will come to you, and sometimes on sale!

I have a short (very short) mental list of Dead Tree Books I would like to have. Period.

We stopped into Melbourne B&N for the first time since we've been back! I know what took us sooo long!

As I was browsing the Sale area a book caught my eye and lifted my heart! I did a double take @ squealed w happy sounds... Could it be? No, really? A book I've drooled over online more then I care to admit..
Yes it was! And at a incredible price!

The Book..
The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket

The book came out in 07, but I just couldn't justify $35 for hardback book no matter how beautiful it is!
So I've just waited.... Figuring one day somewhere somehow it would come to me.. And yesterday was that day!
On sale for $9.98 and with my B&N card it came out to $8.30!

The book is about the beauty of everyday life & crafting, baking, and homemaking in a good way!
Making life beautiful all around you!

Cant wait to try…

Getting Serious bout my Passion

I'm really blessed that twenty some years ago I was living in Tucson and got turned onto the Gem & Mineral Show (largest in World!) and jewelry designing....
It was then I discovered my passion!

About my passion...
It has paid the bills at times when I needed it and other times was a form of relaxation, peace.
At times I've been consumed by it.
At this time in my life I'm finding that coming back, but in a more seasoned, mature way..

I feel i'm being more focused, detail oriented, methodical. And of course also giddy with excitement that new designs, new vibe, new energy will be manifesting into a new fresh line of bracelets.

What I've done lately to fuel my passion?
I joined the Central Brevard Gem and Mineral Society.. Classes are $5 plus cost of supplies and I can use the workshop on various days.

I joined Astronaut Trail Shell Club. To learn more about shells (which I plan on using in my upcoming designs!).

I've organized my beads & supplies in a p…

Latest Bead Inspiration

I was bad Grrl today & did some iPhone camera action in B&N...
I browsed the latest Bead & Jewelry Design Magazines..
I was inspired by these big time!

Luv Heishi Design! Gre8t colors & pendant...
Photo: Bead Design Mag

Cute Stylin of beading wire & suede again with the Heishi!
Photo: Bead Design Mag

Luv textures, colors & designs of bracelets..
Photo: Bead Design Mag

Fun explosion of yummyness!
Photo: Two Purple Pandas

Luv luv rainbow of colours! So delicate, individual!
Photo: Bead Design Mag

Kewl looking newbie tool!
Photo: The Knotty do it all

Always luv silk ribbons! Gorgeous wrap bracelets!
Photo: Silk Painting is Fun

Luv Clay designed pendants!



Chunky Luv!
Photo: USA Clay

Luv gold dipped sea shells!
Photo: Wish Wave Beads

Inspiration elation!
Dreaming of beadz to buy & more designs to cre8te!