Crafty Book Lust!

Swoon my heart be still... I have been lusting after these books awhile, even though I don't buy alot of dead tree books anymore, Craft Books are special!
I don't really enjoy on them on my Nook Color, I luv to have the books in my hot little hands!...

I wanted to share them & get my luv affair out in the open! Some are new, coming out next month others are rare & vintage!

This looks yummy!! Since I have no sewing machine skills, this book is perfect for me! There's something oh so relaxing sitting in comfy chair, with glass of ice tea and stitching up some goodies by hand. Very relaxing & ole school fa sure!
I'm hoping this is one of the many new books coming out for sewing by hand!

I'm a big fan of Cathy of California's blog! She is amazing & I'm surprised it took this long for her to come out with a crafty book! I'm excited about this book because if she's putting her name on it, then I know it's gold vintage chic crafty fun!

I own a few Flower looms and have yet used them! With this Vintage booklet I'd be sure to use them! Luv the flowers on front!

Oh my gosh this looks like a retro vintage book to die for! I'm going to start trying to hunt this down!!

These all look Yummmmmy!! The Shelby is on my list, Wee Wonderfuls, Little Birds and Bohemian Modern! I've seen a few at the locale Melbourne Barnes & Noble, but I gotta pace myself or I could go broke!

So many Crafty Books so little time...


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