Essentially Florida

One very hot dry sunny June afternoon I was thrifting in Palm Springs & missing Florida big time!

I happen to be browsing thru some books when a pink, yellow and green cover called my name. I was so intrigued open the book and it said "Essentially Lily". Upon further investigation I was drawn into the vibrant pictures, colours & energy.

And it was about FLORIDA! How kewl is that? It makes sense Palm Springs/Palm Beach... Very similar vibe just way different environment!

So I snagged the coffee table style book about you guessed it Lily Pulitzer of the same shift/chemise style classic dress plus everything else Lily Empire!

Lily now at her home in Palm Beach. She's known for Barefoot Casual Chic.

She started out w advantages, ok not your normal rags to riches story. More the depressed & doesn't know what to do with herself too much time & money turned into Empire Story!

Lily admits being a client of the place rich women go to have nervy breakdowns. The Doctor told her she needed to find something to do & she left there & never stopped doing!

Her start was the Lily Shift Dresses that were also fitted.. After Jackie O wore one while in Palm Beach visiting (she was acquainted with Jackie & Jack). That's when Lily's Clothing line skyrocketed to being a Fla Style Fashion!

Lily in her first Shoppe. Circa 1960's

Assorted Models showcasing Lily's Signature Shift Dress Circa 1960's

Fla Fauna

Lily Inspired Cupcakes
Recipe in book

Fun Fruity Summer Drinks
Recipes included

Cover of her book Essentially Lily!
Her book is not only about your successes but also recipes, design ideas ala Fla living, party fun & more. It's a light hearted book which I recommend! For fun & inspiring Fla living even if a Palm Beach Budget is only a fantasy!


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