Getting Serious bout my Passion

I'm really blessed that twenty some years ago I was living in Tucson and got turned onto the Gem & Mineral Show (largest in World!) and jewelry designing....
It was then I discovered my passion!

About my passion...
It has paid the bills at times when I needed it and other times was a form of relaxation, peace.
At times I've been consumed by it.
At this time in my life I'm finding that coming back, but in a more seasoned, mature way..

I feel i'm being more focused, detail oriented, methodical. And of course also giddy with excitement that new designs, new vibe, new energy will be manifesting into a new fresh line of bracelets.

What I've done lately to fuel my passion?
I joined the Central Brevard Gem and Mineral Society.. Classes are $5 plus cost of supplies and I can use the workshop on various days.

I joined Astronaut Trail Shell Club. To learn more about shells (which I plan on using in my upcoming designs!).

I've organized my beads & supplies in a portable fashion for on the go.

I've started a bead design journal. For ideas, sketches, notes, etc.

Joining Thursday Nite Beading Club thru CBGMS. To learn new techniques.

Future goals:

Purchase Jewelry Design Manager Software. Can use it thru my iPhone to track sales, supplies, designs, etc!

Invest in The Knotty do it all. Since I'm wanting to do more knotty bracelet designs this item will help me!

Try this new product! A air drying resin!!! It's a clay so it can be stamped in & is light & flexible..

Learn more w classes, new techniques and attend Orlando Gem Show this Summer..

What I've learned so far...
That my passion is part of me, who I am. And embracing it and myself is where I'm at today. I'm not going to be a doctor or lawyer in this lifetime..

My life is simple and my needs are simple.. My designs touch peoples lives and make a difference..I don't mass produce, crank stuff out, I cre8te with intent.

Mission Statement
Sunshine Bliss sells luv infused artisan designed jewelry that are cre8ted for individuals who crave, desire unique, funky, flavorful, spirited designed jewelry to remind them of who they truly are, not what they do!

It feels good to get this all down. I am excited about the journey again & am open to all the limitless possibilities!

What's your Passion? Are u living it?


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