If you wait long enuff...

Whatever you desire will come to you, and sometimes on sale!

I have a short (very short) mental list of Dead Tree Books I would like to have. Period.

We stopped into Melbourne B&N for the first time since we've been back! I know what took us sooo long!

As I was browsing the Sale area a book caught my eye and lifted my heart! I did a double take @ squealed w happy sounds... Could it be? No, really? A book I've drooled over online more then I care to admit..
Yes it was! And at a incredible price!

The Book..
The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket

The book came out in 07, but I just couldn't justify $35 for hardback book no matter how beautiful it is!
So I've just waited.... Figuring one day somewhere somehow it would come to me.. And yesterday was that day!
On sale for $9.98 and with my B&N card it came out to $8.30!

The book is about the beauty of everyday life & crafting, baking, and homemaking in a good way!
Making life beautiful all around you!

Cant wait to try recipes, and crafty ideas!!

- Shanti

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