Latest Bead Inspiration

I was bad Grrl today & did some iPhone camera action in B&N...
I browsed the latest Bead & Jewelry Design Magazines..
I was inspired by these big time!

Luv Heishi Design! Gre8t colors & pendant...
Photo: Bead Design Mag

Cute Stylin of beading wire & suede again with the Heishi!
Photo: Bead Design Mag

Luv textures, colors & designs of bracelets..
Photo: Bead Design Mag

Fun explosion of yummyness!
Photo: Two Purple Pandas

Luv luv rainbow of colours! So delicate, individual!
Photo: Bead Design Mag

Kewl looking newbie tool!
Photo: The Knotty do it all

Always luv silk ribbons! Gorgeous wrap bracelets!
Photo: Silk Painting is Fun

Luv Clay designed pendants!



Chunky Luv!
Photo: USA Clay

Luv gold dipped sea shells!
Photo: Wish Wave Beads

Inspiration elation!
Dreaming of beadz to buy & more designs to cre8te!


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