Longest Day Ever w Results!

photo: unknown

What a freakin day! Worked 17 hours from 3pm yesterday to-8:30 am today...

Fast Forward..
Got home napped for 3 hours went to Palm Bay for my HHA Test & it's Hot as Hades in School!

Someone stole all the air conditioners from behind the building this weekend! In nice complex in good part of Palm Bay (if there's such a thing!)..

125 ?'s some we never had time to go over in class & wasn't in our book!!


I prayed asking for guidance & peace (I was bag of nerves)... 1 1/2 hours later finished.. Got 82% and passed! Thank u Universe! and no more overnite shifts 4 me!!!


Yah I've got my HHA Certificate & I'm moving forward toward my goal!

- Shanti

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