Week in Review Photage!

I have been wanting to do my week roundup captured in pictures.... I am going to work on remembering to snap a pic more often!

Early Bday Gift From Bloomingdales!

Most comfy Sandals like EVER!
By Sam Edelman.. I haven't purchased sandals in quite awhile.. Cali weather wasn't really sandal friendly (to me!)

Got two pair.. You know they last 4ever! I got 20% off deal and will wear them till they fall apart!

Started a 6 week Ikebana Class (Japanese Flower Design) FREE & the Teachers been at it 50 years!

Redid my vision/dream/design board! More streamlined & simplistic! Goals on one side, Monthly Calendar on other & lots of fun in-between!

Designed a Arty piece to remind me why I'm alive!

Got a kickin new bead box (needed it!) that I can take along with me.. Tons of containers inside for organizing! I pimped it out!

And my seed bead box too! I ran out of black letters had to use white..

Moi with my sequin iPhone cover (another early Bday gift)

Maybe starting Nail School. I recieved my Esthetician License 7.5 years ago. I always wanted to add nails so I could do natural nail care...Well see if any grants come thru..I filled out paperwork & now we wait!

School in Melbourne...

Been watching Old School Hawaii 5-0! luv the Hawaiian clothing, scenery, even think Jack Lord was a handsome dude for straight Establishment type!

Tony & I walking the Beach across from our Apt.. He finally gets the Vacation he hasn't had! It won't last, but nice to enjoy the moment!

I'll work on taking more intimate or maybe better said is real life pics...


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