Week of New Beginnings...

The start of my Birthday Week is always fun! I like to drag it out as long as I can!! Anything to have fun celebrations in the Spring!! I luv being born in Springtime, a renewed, vibrant time of growth.. Warm breezes, sunny days & short sleeves! What more could you ask for? Oh yes, Earth Day, Easter, hmmm lots to celebrate!

Actually My Bday is Easter this year! Funnnnny!

I'm starting a Class this week. Home Health Aide. Even though I'm already working in the field, I'm not certified & getting as much mula as I could.

It's a two week course. One week in Class & one week home study then I take 125 question test... Eek!

I'm excited for two reasons.
1. I'm getting a Certification I can use forever
2. I'm going to tie this in with my Esthetician License.

My goal is to offer Elderly Spa Services. It's the one thing missing in most of these clients lives. Human touch, pampering, relaxing & healing benefits of Spa treatments!

I'm looking at starting my own business under Home Health Care w Spa Luxuries!

I'm not sure how it will play out I'll let GOD take care of the details! But it's gre8t to finally feel focused & have goal for my Spa Services!

Also I purchased some bright, fun, Sunshiney Scrubs to wear. Light Turquoise blue pants, bright pink pants, fun tropical scrub tops in bright Fla colours!

The journey begins Bday Week!

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