Summer 2011: Sun, Fun & Surprises!

Happppppy Summer livin! For most of us residing in the Northern Hemisphere we are celebrating the arrival of hot sticky days purfecto for pool time, and evenings sitting on the porch eating frozen yogurt & trying to keep cool!!!

Yah!!!!!! Pull out da flip flops, find the sunscreen, sunglasses & cool drink & sit back & let Summer 2011 happen! What adventures, events, excursions are to be savored this year???

For me well living beachside in Florida means Summers been here a while! We are tipping 96 degrees for highs! Floating in the pool is a must, walking on the beach at nite looking for sea turtles nesting, lots of ice cold drinks, air conditioning turned low, cotton is my best friend & summer showers are a welcome sight! I luv summer in Fla!

2011 Summer is gonna be:

-Going to a few Manatee Minor League Baseball Games!
-Look for sea turtles nesting on beach!
-Designing my new Candy Wrap Bracelets!
-See the Help the Movie (since I read the book luv luv it)!
-Float in our hugemungous pool!
-Weekend Getaways to Fla Gulf!
-Drink lot's of Iced Dandy Blend!
-Walk doggies on beach @ nite!
-Do some full moon drumming w friends!
-Make Gazpacho Soup!
-Take some fun beading classes!
-Start Nail Tech School!
-Read on my Kindle
-Sit on our hugemungous balcony @ nite w twinkle lights & relax!
-Start taking yoga classes again!
-Cre8te Yummy Ice Pops!

I'm sure more will be added to the list! But for now that's enuff! I know that this Summer will be filled with awe, wonder & mystery! Sprinkled w a bit of belly laughs, pranks, smooches & surprises!

Summer 2011 Bring it on!!!!

- Shanti
photos: flickr

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