Summer Dayz Summer Dreamz

Oh w ow bring it on Summer 2011!! Heat's cranked up, sun's blaring & air conditioner is turned way down low!
Lazy dayz? Not me! I'm worky worky working!! To much! Seems like there's no balance w my work! Either 48 hour work weeks or 20 hours.. I'm asking my higher power for guidance on this, in meantime I'm getting rest when I need it & playing when I can!!!!

Went to Starbucks late last nite & picked out my Summer 2011 Listening pleasure!

Eddie Vedder: Ukelele Songs! Nice!!

Got my passion sweetened tea shaken! Yummy!!

Then went on to see late showing (summer late movies r da bestest!) Mr. Popper's Penguins! Cuuuuute!!!!!

Gre8t way to unwind after three very long shifts & days of work!!! I luv doing fun fun fun stuff after hard days of working! Hey I work to live, not other way around!!!! I luv treating myself for job well done!!!!

I had a splitting headache when I got off work so decided to take a hot lavender epsom salt bath, drink tea, and soak! Then I did a mini mani/pedi & chose a pinky iridescent color! It always feels good when I pamper myself!!!

I'm committing to yoga classes also. Just have to iron out my cr8zy schedule!

Taking care of me is the hardest but most rewarding thing I can do!

Take care of u & I'll take care of me! Deal???


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