Regroup, Refocus, Remain....Summer '11

Roger that... Is it the Summertime so maybe just maybe it's time for getting it all together b4 Summer hits the fan? Simplify, Modify, Summerify!
Seems I'm on roll!
Maybe that's what a few days off does to a grrl..

What in da heck am I talking about? Well this Summer 2011 I've had a revelation.. I can't do it all & I don't do it well if I try...not superwoman or even supergrrl! Working to much, giving so much to my clients trying to overhaul my bizz, keep cre8tiv juices flowing, take care of hubby & doggies & myself. Now I realize alot of women folk can & do do this plus lots more! I am not one of those women, I repeat I am not supergrrl!

What I am is a cre8tiv, sensitive soul trying to keep my sanity in a insane world. Running the race which has left me behind. No ones waiting at the finish line w a medal, heck everyone's gone home & went on w their lives.... Except 4 me. I'm crawling, clutching my way toward the finish line as if my life depended on doesn't it never did it's a lie I bought into....
Even cre8tivly trying to learn, do so many things, and not finishing started projects...

I am hanging up my running gear & shoes. I'm canceling my subscription to Running the Race of life. It's over, no party, no hoopla, just finnish, done, the end....

The beginning......
Always starts w first step...And it is usually the scariest, hardest for moi..
Committing to myself to cut back my work hours & clients. Slow down, get comfortable with days "off". BREATHE...

Taking up Qi Gong a few times a week... Recre8ting my 4x6 studio, organizing my beads & cre8tiv supplies. Starting my beading designs journal, updating my cre8tif Inspirit board, a fresh new logo, bizz cards, stickers, hangtags, jewelry pouches, blog refresher & Etsy Shoppe refresher. Cre8ting monthly goals for my bizz, visiting bead shoppes regularly & bookstores 4 latest mags & design ideas and using my idea log daily..
Started on my new line of bracelets, Beaded Candy Wrap Leather Bracelets. Their in the beginning prototype stage... Signature Sun closures, hand dyed leather, recycled "sea glass beads", candy colored faceted glass beads, and my skill!
Committing to blogging twice weekly, cutting back my work hours to 30 instead of 40.. Taking on one client exclusively.. Sitting still, taking my life back & easing into the quiet.. Committing to a AA group & weekly regular meetings.

KISSilly and do one or two things & rock out @ them! Jewelry & embroidery (for fun) exclusively. I've got some fav LEI Jeans faded & flare leg that are dying to be embroidered w some of my 70's designs!!!
I'm giving away all the crochet, knitting, stamping/art journaling supplies I never ever used!! I'll keep the 70's vintage Knitting Machine I found in Olde Town Orange, CA, like I had as a kid, and the book of ideas I found at thrift store locally! I will have fun w it one day! And fun flower making w yarn kit, and vintage 70's book I also scooped up locally! That will also be a fun project one day!
But the rest of the goodies are as good as gone... I feel guilty when I look at something I have cre8tivly that I haven't ever used... I know someone somewhere would luv to use my stash!

It's starting to feel good, sink in and become part of me..It will take time for this "high strung race horse" to calm herself, but it's a journey worth doing....Slowly, one move @ a time, feel the Chi energy building!!!!

BTW Happy 4th of July!

- Shanti

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