Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Blur

We were so blessed to have Hurricane Irene pass us by this weekend! And the waves were cr8zy big!

I was able to finally get rid of my week long Migraine! The weather change this week was probably da reason but I was ready to say bye bye 4ever!

Lately Tweeting has become my obsession... I've finally hit 300 followers... And I'm liking the tweets!

Fall 2011
I'm really inspired this Fall to update our Tiny Living Space & cre8te a cozy Granny Chic Fall Vibe!
As well as cre8ting a more cozy studio..Not hard since it's just small corner I niched out of our living room.

My weekend was:
2. Making fall colored Pom Poms
3. Mod Podged my Coffee Table w Like I give a Frock book by Michi Girl
4. Started my Fall Inspiration 2011 Book
5. Got Instagram pics of Hurricane Irene Waves where I live in Florida
6. Worked out w my new Malibu Pilates Machine
7. Organized my jewelry studio (tiny)
8. Read & re read my Mollie Makes Magazines
9. Played w my furbabies
10.Donated some crafty goodies
11.Watched Dennis the Menace on Netflix! Never saw it b4, Funny!!
Really busy cre8tif weekend! Feel blessed!

- Shanti

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Monday Beach Day!

After a weekend of hibernated and getting lots of rest, etc I was happy when Monday rolled around & I felt alive again! I luv luv having Mondays off & it's da best beach day! Empty, quiet & relaxing!

We decided to bring furbabies & Beach Umbrella, snacks, etc!

Resting my tootsies in sand...

Tony running Zen! She luv luv's it! And she still such puppy!

Tony get candid camera shoot!

Zen Zen & me!

Karma & Zen & me! Yes Karma is hot! PS had treats & water for them!

T took furbabies back home (across street) rinsed off & back in air!

T & I found tons of beautiful shells w holes ready to be put on necklace or bracelet! We then played in waves & laughed & giggled...

What gre8t way to spend a Monday!

- Shanti

Friday, August 19, 2011

Treasure Island Bliss

One of my fun to do things on our Summer list 2011 was to go to the Gulf for Staycation! I needed a getaway & after finding such a gre8t deal I knew it was time!! I needed to see Mother Gulf & swim in her waters!

So last weekend we did! Yah! 3 nites 4 days of Bliss! We stayed at Algiers Gulf Front Motel we got dealo $60 nite!

They remodeled this 60's Gulf Strip motel fun a few years ago. It was clean, nice & our front window had view of beach! Gre8t for beachfront Motel!

On our way over I stopped by Village Originals & a Tampa Bead Store called Bead Corp. It was a "Full Service" Bead Stora aka very expensive & much of what I wanted to see & touch was behind the counter & you had to have the staff help you with it! FAIL! Beads are meant to be touched & viewed up close! Not w security & supervision (they weren't that pricey!)..
Ok bitchin aside I did find some $3.00 short strands!

We arrived @ our Motel & just in time for the lovely blissfilled sunset!

Then we relaxed went to Sweetbay's (their on gulf side) and picked up some yummy sushi & veggies..

The next day was beach time & the sky was ready to open up on us! We even saw a cloud funnel! Scary!

It passed by and we swam in gulf, walked on beach & sat under our newly purchased beach umbrella!

We later went for a ride on Gulfshore blvd to Clearwater Beach. It was beautiful! We ate at Shepherds on Water overlooking the intercoastal! It's a all u can eat Buffett! Yummy! Awesome veggies!

The next day was day 2 of da beach time! A purrfect day of sun, sea & heat!

We got bit sunburned, thank gosh for Italiano Skin! And took a nice long walk on our last nite @ gulf! We found some kids drumming w fun blinky lights going on & off in middle of their circle!! We embraced every second & knew we'd b back!

It was gre8t to get home & say bye bye to Gulf & hello to Atlantic Ave! It's nice to go away have fun then come home to paradise!

- Shanti

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Arm Party Train...Now boarding!

Get this party started wu wu...

By Quad City DJ's....

Come on ride the train hey ride it woo woo
Come on ride the train hey ride it woo woo
Come on ride the train woo woo hey
Ride it woo woo
Come on ride the train
Woo woo hey ride it woo woo
Come on ride the train
It's the choo choo ride it woo woo
Come on ride the train it's the choo choo train
Come on ride the train it's the choo choo
Ride it, woo woo
Come on, ride the train, it's the choo choo train

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
I think I can, I think I can
I think I can, I think I can

Remember? Luved that song!

Well Arm Party Train is chugging along are u getting on??

Latest edition to Arm Candy Train! Woo Woo! Bling Bling!!!

Yum Yum!!

Flav Flav!

My recent Arm Party Train!

Jump on!

- Shanti

Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Long Weekend Goalz...

Ya know I just luv that my new schedule means I get Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon off! Omgosh is that da bomb?!!
It really means I have 4 days to cre8te & design my new line of Bracelets! And play email catch up & so on!!

This long weekend I have few goals, since were taking off next weekend!

-Order more supplies...padded shipping envelopes, spools of leather, buttons, and score newest Sept Creatif magazines.

Spools of Leather waiting to be picked!

Latest Stringing Mag :-) & Mollie Makes! Well worth $17.00 4 both!

-Post on CL some beading stock I no longer use, Destash! For locale pick up.

Balls of yarn, Stringing Cord & Beads from past waiting to go to new homes & get used!!

-Find another sweet fancy smancy jewelry organizer w 36 compartments purrfect for my beads! They are luxurious & make my beads look even more gorgeous!

Lovely sparkly beads & their equally gorgeous container!

- A dozen new designs! Post on Etsy


All my posted goodies...

-Work on Wholesaling Plan!

Enjoy the process!

- Shanti