Weekend Blur

We were so blessed to have Hurricane Irene pass us by this weekend! And the waves were cr8zy big!

I was able to finally get rid of my week long Migraine! The weather change this week was probably da reason but I was ready to say bye bye 4ever!

Lately Tweeting has become my obsession... I've finally hit 300 followers... And I'm liking the tweets!

Fall 2011
I'm really inspired this Fall to update our Tiny Living Space & cre8te a cozy Granny Chic Fall Vibe!
As well as cre8ting a more cozy studio..Not hard since it's just small corner I niched out of our living room.

My weekend was:
2. Making fall colored Pom Poms
3. Mod Podged my Coffee Table w Like I give a Frock book by Michi Girl
4. Started my Fall Inspiration 2011 Book
5. Got Instagram pics of Hurricane Irene Waves where I live in Florida
6. Worked out w my new Malibu Pilates Machine
7. Organized my jewelry studio (tiny)
8. Read & re read my Mollie Makes Magazines
9. Played w my furbabies
10.Donated some crafty goodies
11.Watched Dennis the Menace on Netflix! Never saw it b4, Funny!!
Really busy cre8tif weekend! Feel blessed!

- Shanti

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