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Fall into Autumn!

Welcome Fall! Hurrah!

Funny Florida didn't get the Memo on that one! High 90's & Sun is blazing! Not complaining!

But in my mind I'm feelin very Fall Like! Must be the growing up in Michigan ingrained in my soul!

Checkout my Autumn Coloured Balls of yarn! Yes I did roll them! They should make yummy Pom Poms!!!

I was able to finish up my ball chain bracelet fall colour designs & I got some Autumn Colour waxed linen & turquoise & coral rhinestone chain!! So excited!

This weekend was Starbucks, Kohl's End of Summer Sale, Air Conditioning, Naps, Reading & Tweeting... Sad to say Kindy my Kindle went into a Coma & died.... :-( Amazon was called & they will lay Kindy to rest & send a replacement that will be named Kindy 2 in honor of Kindy. I missed Kindy this weekend....


Them Changes..

Them changes..No I'm not talking bout Facebooks constant tweaking of their site, more like chapter ends, new one begins stuff!

Got gifted with a new client this week & his wonderful, supportive, luv luv fam! They are beachside so it's nice to know I don't have to leave the beach for worky!

I'm going to Miss my Little Lady Client in Merritt Island & will be praying for her!

Had a fun nite with a few Grrls from Fla Grrls FB Page! We cre8ted leather wrap ball chain bracelets, Manja & chatted up a storm! Highlight of my week. T was wonderful & basically catered the event for us! He spoils me & I so appreciate it!! Truly!

We also found our new fav fav Restaurant! Sand on the Beach in Mel Beach! It's a kewl beach restaurant
with a sand floor & gorgeous views of the ocean! Promise pics in future (it was evening when we ate their!)..

Here's a few pics of our drive to Sebastian Inlet past Sundae...

Gorgeous! I luv Mel Beach! I've always dreamed of…

My Pinterest Interest...

I'm such a visual aid geek that this feeds my addiction! Highly recommend Pinterest for all cre8tif types! I've been on it since almost the incarnation & am pretty delighted about it! Check this Board out at: Amplify’d from 60's-70's Advertisements
See more at See this Amp at

Instagram & Tropical Trail

It finally dawned on me that I could get at least a few good pics of The Indian River while I'm driving to & fro on Tropical Trail..

A.M. drive on TT this is my view!!

Afternoon Drive Home on TT!

Don't you just luv it! I mean it's a beaut!!

- Shanti

Wednesday Beach Date

I'm so beyond blessed to have Wed off!

We decided to spend afternoon walking da beach (2 miles), and swimming in our Complex pool! Not bad way to spend afternoon!

After bein bugged T did a few cartwheels 4 me!

We also went to beach tonite, this time w Doggies in tow to play in waves & run! They luv luv it!

Needless to say no bracelets were made or listed! :-( oh well!

- Shanti

Instagram & Summer 2011

Can u truly "luv" a inanimate object? Me thinks yes! Here is my top 5 object luv list:

4.Beads & Supplies
5.Apps for first two

One of my fav Apps is Instagram. It basically is da best way to glam up my pics with very little effort! And u can make a book out of pics w Blurb!

I also just found a few Collage Apps that I'm crushing on..Pic Stitch (Free), Photo Wall $2.99.

Now totally addicted to Collage Pics! Without further ado..

Do u feel the "totally addicted" vibe?
I'm gonna put these & more in a Blurb book for Holidays! I luv the idea of yearly Instagram pics!

PS Sept. 2011 Fresh Jewelry Designs & a sneak peak @ new designs!


Latest Freshest Sunshine Bliss Arm Candy!

Yummy! Oh yah! I've been busy this weekend and cre8ted 17 new designs for Sunshine Bliss Etsy Shoppe!

I've been experimenting with a different look then the traditional leather wrap bracelets everyone is doing. Don't get me wrong I luv them but want to break free of the pack!!

So with that being said i've come up with a exclusive design that is strictly Sunshine Bliss. I have prototyped them for last week in all types of conditions! Wearing them non stop even in the shower, at beach too! They look lovely as first day & I like the feel of them on my wrist. Their single wrap but you can wear multiples, and the lay nicely! Without further ado....

Notice the difference?

Sunny days Leather Sparkly

Leather Macrame Bling

Holiday/Dress Up Fun!

Latest Rhinestone Bling
& Ombre Bling Bracelets

I will be posting this tomorrow & having my beach day! I can't wait!!!