Fall into Autumn!

Welcome Fall! Hurrah!

Funny Florida didn't get the Memo on that one! High 90's & Sun is blazing! Not complaining!

But in my mind I'm feelin very Fall Like! Must be the growing up in Michigan ingrained in my soul!

Checkout my Autumn Coloured Balls of yarn! Yes I did roll them! They should make yummy Pom Poms!!!

I was able to finish up my ball chain bracelet fall colour designs & I got some Autumn Colour waxed linen & turquoise & coral rhinestone chain!! So excited!

This weekend was Starbucks, Kohl's End of Summer Sale, Air Conditioning, Naps, Reading & Tweeting... Sad to say Kindy my Kindle went into a Coma & died.... :-( Amazon was called & they will lay Kindy to rest & send a replacement that will be named Kindy 2 in honor of Kindy. I missed Kindy this weekend....


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