Fall into Cre8tif Bliss

Time of year even for Central Coast Florida! Weather is stormier, overcast days of Fall.
I luv the ever so slight change of weather!

I get new inspiration for my Jewelry Designs. Although I'm kinda behind the Rhinestone Wrap Leather Bracelet trend.. I'm fine with that since I'm going to put a different spin on them!

The trendy design

A different take on it!

Supplies for the designs!

I'm also gonna mess w waxed linen & some different cord textures... I'm finding that to experiment w new designs & products it's better to go to (my unfav place!) Ahmm.. WalMart.. It's all we have beachside! The items are always less expensive then I can try them out & see if me likey, if so I order from Etsy, etc..


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