Latest Freshest Sunshine Bliss Arm Candy!

Yummy! Oh yah! I've been busy this weekend and cre8ted 17 new designs for Sunshine Bliss Etsy Shoppe!

I've been experimenting with a different look then the traditional leather wrap bracelets everyone is doing. Don't get me wrong I luv them but want to break free of the pack!!

So with that being said i've come up with a exclusive design that is strictly Sunshine Bliss. I have prototyped them for last week in all types of conditions! Wearing them non stop even in the shower, at beach too! They look lovely as first day & I like the feel of them on my wrist. Their single wrap but you can wear multiples, and the lay nicely! Without further ado....

Notice the difference?

Sunny days Leather Sparkly

Leather Macrame Bling

Holiday/Dress Up Fun!

Latest Rhinestone Bling
& Ombre Bling Bracelets

I will be posting this tomorrow & having my beach day! I can't wait!!!


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