Seashore living & week of pics...

What a week. Cut back on my Private Duty Caregiving to 2 days a week. My clients Alzheimer's is progressing rapidly in late stages & it saddens me gr8tly.. I'm a bit to sensitive to be around it more the two 8 hour shifts & truly money isn't everything!

Plus I miss spending time with my Doggies, the Beach, my Cre8tif time! I was always so drained! Now I can focus on my passion! Designing Jewelry & Cre8tif Seashore Living!

On monday hubby & I went shell seeking on the beach.. It was overcast & even rained on us a bit! It was wonderful! We found lots of shells! Some with holes purrfectly put right where nature intended them & idea for designing jewelry! I kid you not! We found so many!

And many were bleached white to boot!

We then stopped by our Beach Apt Pool & took a quick dip!
Here's hubby not posing for me!

It was a sweet Monday afternoon!!!!! So blessed!

I also decided to finally finish our free coffee table! Last year I chalkboard painted it, this year I Mod Podged pink tissue paper I crumpled up then layered pictures from the book: Like I give a Frock! Luv that book! Then added some words using fun letters I had for art journaling! It's hard to photograph it & now that it's sealed I'll take more!

This is the top side view if that makes sense! It's a really wild & happy excited looking vibe!

I'm finally starting on my online class I bought for my bday for myself. It's called Dream Job by Red Velvet aka Emma & Elsie!
I'm ready for the next step of my development of Sunshine Bliss :-)

Karma I caught her eyes only!!!

She was not happy we took her to the beach to watch the big waves Hurricane Irene gifted us with!!

This is a picture of my fav fav fav personal Candy wrap leather bracelet!

Two Candy Drop Leather Bracelets luving up on each other!

Candy Colours make me happy! These bracelets have been in Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico a few pools & many many showers!! They give me a happy feeling when the world is upside down!!

- Shanti

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