Them Changes..

Them changes..No I'm not talking bout Facebooks constant tweaking of their site, more like chapter ends, new one begins stuff!

Got gifted with a new client this week & his wonderful, supportive, luv luv fam! They are beachside so it's nice to know I don't have to leave the beach for worky!

I'm going to Miss my Little Lady Client in Merritt Island & will be praying for her!

Had a fun nite with a few Grrls from Fla Grrls FB Page! We cre8ted leather wrap ball chain bracelets, Manja & chatted up a storm! Highlight of my week. T was wonderful & basically catered the event for us! He spoils me & I so appreciate it!! Truly!

We also found our new fav fav Restaurant! Sand on the Beach in Mel Beach! It's a kewl beach restaurant
with a sand floor & gorgeous views of the ocean! Promise pics in future (it was evening when we ate their!)..

Here's a few pics of our drive to Sebastian Inlet past Sundae...

Gorgeous! I luv Mel Beach! I've always dreamed of retiring down there one day! Away from civilization & progress! It's so relaxing & exhilarating all at once!

Got a lot a lot a lot of my beading supplies I ordered from China! I can't wait to play with them & cre8te fresh new stuff!!!


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