Bit of Beach Livin..

With my back still in recoup mode I didn't venture out far just across A1A to beach......
What a absolutely gorgeoooous day it was.. Windy, breezy, sunny, warm & bluest skies!
We so deserve this after our long hot summer!!!
I took pics, tweeted, meditated & relaxed on the beach......
It's what I needed to do for me..
All by my lonesome! I was in heaven!!!!!

Last pic has a kewl streak of light color in sky!!!

Toes resting in sand!

Looky what I'm up to!!

Freckled Nest LA's Blog
I'm advertising (med space) on her blog!
And I'm doing a giveaway!!!

Seashore Pearls of Bliss
Necklace & Bracelet
Retails $45.00

And you could win it on FN's Blog!

Also I got clip in hair this week...

Luv it! But don't think I have patience to grow it that long!!


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