Day by Day...

I keep inching forward toward my goal of being a prosperous Etsy Seller & Designer!!

Mr Mailman brought me more 26g wire to work with.

Hubby got me a Vice, that is multi functional & has a metal block on it for hammering metal!

He also got me a jewelers hammer...

And I stopped by Hobby Lobby & picked up this incredible book on wire earrings! 40% off w coupon!!

I then popped into Michael's & got the Premier issue of Stitch, Craft Create.

I'm seriously in need of some inspiration time! Beach was blown out today as we had storm...

I can't wait to jot notes in my Ideal Log... And play with some wire & "fall in luv luv" w the process.. I'm so ready for this step & embracing every moment!

On Etsy front today they rolled out the change I've been waiting for! That you can change your shop name!
When I signed up 4 years ago I didn't realize my sign up name was my shop name & I couldn't change it.
Today they are finally offering that feature, you can change it one time!
Problem is I signed up another account last year as Sunshine Bliss & I can't transfer it to Shantifla 4 year old account...
Oh well...

Off to dream of jewels, hippie designs & earring dangles..


- Shanti

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