Getting serious w Beading Tools

Ya know even after all this years of messing with jewelry designing I've never owned a excellent set of pliers.. NEver! Ever Ever! I'm pretty sure that it's rather insane that I've been using vintage or craftsman (ok their not bad) but their not German precision tools!
I'm actually getting my tools from Germany! From Gems 2 Behold

So I jumped in & decided it was high time I got a pro set.. Ok their not Da best, like Lindstrom but they have high rating & it's what I could afford & likey.... $100 + buckaroo's!

So w/o further ado....

Yah their zebra stripe foam handles, hey I'm gonna have them 4ever so I best likey like them!
I got set w case & three additional pliers for Wire working & loop making... Probably be set for life... Or For a bit.... Another big step for moi moving toward my goal of being a full time jewelry designer!

- Shanti

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