Goin round in circles....

That's me the mad hatter, dog who chases her tail, yada yada...

But sometimes everyone once in a Autumn Moon it's a good thing..

And that my friends it is!

I've been stretching myself w my jewelry designing on a limited budget with time restrictions, but I'm doin it... And doin it....

And I'm branching out beyond bracelets..

I haven't done that in two years!

Not easy, frustrating, not always in flow.. Making stuff others will probably adore, me I'm a simple Grrl who likes small simple necklaces & lots of arm blingy bling...

I've been inspired by Pinterest lately ALOT!!!

It gives me faith in humanekind that there's soooooo much good stuff out there! Beautiful Stuff, adorable stuff!!!

I luv that there's so many folx on Etsy putting their hat in the ring & working toward living their dream! My dream, our dream!!!

It's exciting to see the beauty being cre8ted daily, hourly, minute to minute! It's the grease I need to keep my wheels moving forward!

I'm working on doing some advertising for my Etsy Shop.. And getting a ad cre8ted!!

I'm gonna take crochet class this weekend. It's been FAIL b4 but I know I can learn & I really wanna do Granny Squares!!! Don't ask me why!

I'm gonna cre8te my late Fall Early Winter Goals/Manifestion list.
Here in Florida the change is subtle so I can do this.. Heck I can do this anyway.. I mean I'm making the non rules here!!

So much to do see feel taste hear and all the time in the world to do it!

Time is my friend!
- Shanti

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