Twins Reunite @ Da Beach

Hubby has a twin... He is taller, lankier & more animated then hubby... Sometimes I forget his a twin, They don't have a cosmic close relationship, but they do luv luv each other & enjoy & respect one another!

His broh broh lives in Gainesville. He's a Master Carpenter that does custom worky. He's a artiste..Terry doesn't have Cell, Computer or IPad. He's a simple guy a bit of a tree hugger & super funny!

Tony has iPhone, HP Touchpad (my gift to him), Laptop. But, Tony is a simple guy, tree hugger & serious & witty.. Similar but different..

And entertaining as heck to be round both of them!

We had fun Saturday. Sands on the Beach (in Melbourne Beach overlooking the Ocean) for Ahi Tuna Salads, then it was off for Waffle Cone Sundaes @ Mel Beach Yogurt Stop, followed by reminiscing thru olde neighborhoods their family had built, and homes they lived in.

Enjoying the view of late afternoon beach w sunny balmy weather only in 80's!!! It was a wonderful day full of laughter, joy & wet eyes.

Did I mention it had been 4 years since they've seen each other? At their dads funeral was the last time.
I was :-) to be a part of it....

- Shanti

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