Minimalism & Jewelry Designing

Yes I said it, and yes it's a balancing act. I want to do simplistic designing w/o alot of tools, supplies, etc... But, it's not easy. I have it now that if I put all my supplies in my Love Trunk I could fit that in the back of my VW Beetle.. I think..

WHy is this important?

Cause hubby & I have 635 sq ft one bedroom & we became minimalist in Southern Cali during our 2.5 year sabbatical from Fla...

And when we moved back we had 5x8 Uhaul! When we moved to Cali we had 26 footer Uhaul.. Big diff! Huge shift.. Freeing, not that I haven't been minimalist b4, I have but got off path... Being human & all.

I wanna learn new stuff as usual. 20+ years of jewelry designing I ache for more knowledge.

But that requires more "stuff" tools, etc. Unlike simple life I crave, have...

My little Studio in corner of our living room.

A sanding block has become my bestie.. Also found shells on beach across the street from our Apt w purfecto holes for stringing, jewelry design, etc.
Of course my stash of beads & supplies is pretty yummy.. Thank gosh they don't take up much room!

I donno what future holds..

"Our" Beach 200 feet away......

- Shanti

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