Sneak Peak at Fall Glitz

Sometimes I feel like it's Christmas everyday @ my house!
With all the packages that come bearing beads, jewelry supplies, etc. It's exciting!
Difference being I know they're coming & my pocketbook feels the hit!
Then there's the stash that takes 4ever to get to my place, Can you say Overseas Shipping? Below is a pic of some yum yums I got after a six week wait!
Worth it don't you think?

And this past weekend I got some Vintaj Copper ID Bracelet blanks to play with.... I don't have time or energy right now to learn how to metal hand stamp, so I'm going further with my cre8tif juices and it's fun, frustrating, enlightening & joy!

More to come... It's a exciting time to b cre8ting & I can't wait to see what unfolds!
- Shanti

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