Vintage desk, cabinet & owl score!

Ask & you shall receive!
I'm so blessed with good kind peeps in my life! My nicey nice clients were going to have a garage sale (neighborhood one) this weekend, but the weather didn't get That memo & it was cancelled..

I walk in to worky Monday & I spy the minty shape kids school desk! Well my design radar went off & I promptly texted my client if it would b ok to covet this cutie she said yes! And I don't want any $$ for it! That's how my clients roll (did I mention their awesome!) ....

Fast track & i'm home w my kids school desk & seeing my cr8fty is ready for a change!
It fits nicely, looks gre8t & I'm super stoked!!!

Then I start lookin thru CL & find a vintage 3 foot metal cabinet w 10 small drawers! I email, hubby picks up & for $10 investment my cr8fty area is renewed & refreshed!

Did I also mention I scored some vintage owl decor from 70's my clients were donating?
Cute & fill my owl fix!

Ck out vintage metal cabinet w little drawers proudly standing next to my kids school desk! PS had to throw in pic of Fall Fla weather!

Now to find purrfect vintage chair to go w it! I am happy w my corner of dreams & wishes!
Imagine the children that sat @ this desk & their dreams & wishes!!!

- Shanti

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