Week in a Instant (Instagram)

Week of ups, downs & all arounds!
Getting a severe Migraine when I'm busy with life stops me in my tracks, or at least slows me down to crawl.
And this week I was plagued w not one attack, but two...
Good news, they lasted only 24 hours!!!

Of course my gratitude that today I am Migraine Free & able to spend time @ beach, read on my Kindle, blog, etc is such a joy! I feel alive again!

Had opportunity this week to spy & take pictures of a old school bus painted & decorated with I Luv Jesus! Of course the Bus was from California, Northern ya think?!!

And scored some cute & quirky mustache silver pendants, as well as shells today @ beach, a sunset & a few fun pics around homefront!

Also since we got new futon mattress we decided to use the old one as a Loungey area in our small living room! I luv relaxing design in my home & this gre8t area to see out to beautiful grounds & fountain we look at while reading on my kindle, playing on my iPad or just cruising thru my inspirational monthly Mags!

We put the futon up against the wall with part of it like a headboard for comfort! I know it's gonna be my new fav fav spot!

Also thus week I was able to come up with a name for my Etsy Shoppe since they have newly added feature of shop name change one time..

Sunshine Bliss Studio

I was thinking I should have added s on end of Studio to make it plural, but it's done now & I'm at peace w it!!!

And I'm going to be advertising starting November! On 4 different blogs..

Lastly I designed some new pieces w the wire I got & some new charms.

Busy week w challenges but made it thru!


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