What's new pussycat?????

Fall is in the air!
Even in Satellite Beach!

Overcast days, rain & a bit cooler temps... Niccccccce!!!

I got in my Zebra Striped Handled Jewelry Pliers!! Luv luv them! I didn't know what I was missing, so easy to use & purrfect loops every time!

We also got a new Futon 12inch mattress this week from Overstocked.com..
Yes we sleep on a futon, have on & off for ten years or more.. I use to sell them. I believe sleeping on cotton (foam in middle) is healthier then sleeping on wire spring mattresses & better for the environment.. This is no ordinary mattress it's for platform beds & thick! They usually last us a few years, then we donate them....

I ordered some custom Sunshine Bliss Metal Jewelry ID charms, with the saying be the change you wish to see.. I've wrapped them in multi colored silky cord & have OM or peace bird hanging from the ID charm..
And I got in some Ceramic handmade ID Bracelet Charms did same thing...
You just wrap them around your arm a few times & knot the silky cord & tuck then ends in..

I've also been playing with copper wire & shells & made few necklaces, not sure I likey but just messing around trying something new...

I'm in a bit of a flux cre8tivly right now. I'm going to go to the beach b4 work today & go shelling..Tony found some large purrfect shape shells (which is not norm)... I'm thinking my inspiration may blossom since I haven't been to the beach in while!

I've finally lost 5 pounds!! Tony keeps telling me it will start sliding off now, I'm sure hoping so. I get three hour workout @ work daily & team that w less calories, healthy eating & Gerson Therapy I surprised it's not more, hence under active Thyroid gland...

Zen Zen's newest thang is yarn or I should say renewed thang!

- Shanti

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