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DIY Draw Pilgrim Vintage Style Advent Calendar

Hubby & I have never ever had a Advent Calendar or even knew what they were till few years ago (no we don't live under rock!), so this year I thought we would have one for the holidays! I've seen so many rockin DIY's about them!

I'm a big big fan of Draw Pilgrim Blog! Retro, vintage, colorful all the things I luv luv! When Draw Pilgrim posted about her way kewl vintage style Advent Matchbox cover digital download designs for $3.50 I jumped on that bandwagon!

Click here for her post!

Above pictures from Draw Pilgrim Website!

Cute right????
Click here to buy her Matchbox Advent kit!

It comes as digital download: translation: have Office Depot print it out on heavy card stock! It will run you about $7...

Draw Pilgrim includes the templates for the actual matchbox but I did a shortcut here, I cheated & had hubby buy me matchbox's from Dollar Store. You'll need 24!

I used Elmer's Craft Glue Stick, Scotch Tape & Scissors & …

Welcome to Lavender Dreams Etsy $$ Giveaway!!

You must go hop on over to Diane's wonderful blog Welcome to Lavender Dreams!

$25 Sunshine Bliss Studio Giveaway!!
BTW Diane is a fellow Florida blogger & awesome lady! Luv her blog!


Sunshine Bliss Studio $25 Giveaway Winner!!!

Drum roll...... Thankz to the winner is #1! Lovely lovely Rita!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plz email me Rita (right side bar of blog) and I'll hook u up!
Congratulations Rita! And look for Decembers Pre Christmas Giveaway coming soon! TY to all who entered!!


DIY "Emergency" Ocean inspired Spa therapy for Holiday Frazzle!

Are you feelin?
That there's a race & u forgot to enter? That things seem in order for others & for u it's a chaotic mess?
Of course this time of year just adds to our stress!

That's me the last few weeks! With working at my job as a Private Duty HHA, Private Clients for my Esthetician bizz, building up pieces for my Etsy Shoppe & furbaby mom duties & wife I'm a bit frasizzled farazilled & overall frazzled!

Are you in need of a mental getaway & soul massage mixed w bit of cat like stretching?

Maybe? Possibly? Heck ya!!!


DIY "emergency" ocean inspired spa therapy!

I've been a Licensed Esthetician for over 8 years now & tried a few diff "emergency" personal spa treatments! I like easy & natural, quick!

What u need for DIY "Emergency" Ocean inspired Spa therapy:

Bag of Sea Kelp (dried)
Epsom Salt
Sea Salt
Ocean Inspired Music, App
Coconut oil
Tea Tree

That's it!!!!!!

Mix 1 cup sea salt (fine or course u…

Weekly Beach Poetry

that elusive sunset...
the evening good bye
from twilight to fade
Gulf of Mexico Bliss
mesmerize, hypnotize, synchronize, cause me to fantasize
as the golden hues of the sun drop into the sea
I realize that's me, and I'm free...


My life in a Instagram

Woahhhhhh what a week!
Glad it's come to a end!

Finished Sunshine Bliss Studio 100 Designs Challenge!
In 3 months!

I cre8ted & designed a 100 Designs Challenge Mixbook w a photo of every piece & comments, etc! Mixbook is very kewl but it's a whole days worth of cre8tivity!

Here's one of my Black Friday Scores! Glitter Pink iPad & Kindle Covers! Amazing !!!!!

All the ladies in our Fam I spent Thanksgiving day w I cre8Ted Artisan Designed bracelets for each one!

Latest Score of hand dyed Silk Ribbon.....

My Clients debris from major yard reno!

Can u believe they did this w/o coaxing!

Karma w paws up!

Amazzzzzzzzing! No I didn't pose them!!!

My other Black Friday deals:

The Pumpkin Pie 70's Style Dress from Red Velvet (50% off sale!)...

And a pair of 60's GoGo boots off Etsy!!!!

How does this fit into my minimalist lifestyle?

Well the dress is for Holidays & I'll keep it 4ever! And could do a casual w jeans look too!

The boots? I didn't have a pair & I…

TY Day Poetry


Giving Thanks Day

TY Universe/God for:
My Life!
My hubby!
Spiritual Journey!
My Furbabies!
My Family of Friends
My Cre8tiv Drive
Satellite Beach
Healthy Food we share
Green abundance
Our Minimalist Lifestyle
Our Minimalist Apt
My Clients
Other Bloggers
Sleeping in
All Cre8tiv people in the world!

much luv!


Black Friday SALE!!

Good on any Artisan Designed Jewelry from November 24 - November 28th Midnite!

Shoppe in your jammy's w hot cocoa & The Christmas Story Movie playing in the background! Seriously it doesn't get any better than that!!

Sunshine Bliss Studio Shoppe


Latest Sunshine Bliss Designs!

96..... I'm four away from 100 pieces in my Etsy Shoppe.. I made this goal few weeks ago @ 60ish pieces! I've been really focused & when I'm not working my day gig I'm designing, with few beach breaks in-between!
It's going to happen by Friday Nov 25!

I purchased (first for me) Etsy Showcase Ad's for this Friday November 25! in Bracelet, Earrings & Necklace Categories! What does that mean? Means if someone looks up Any of those three categories a piece ofmy jewelry that represents that category will be seen! For 24 hours straight!!

Enuff yada yada... Here's new designs available in my Etsy Shoppe!

Braided Silk & Leather Cord -Wish- Bracelet in Autumn Dreams colours & copper!!

Boho Chic Owl Spirit 2 Long Long Artisan Necklace (Locket!)

Boho Chic Owl Spirit Long Long Artisan Necklace (Pocket Watch Pendant!)
These are like 48-50 inches long! Hippie Boho-Chic goodness!!!

Hope u likey!


Sunshine Bliss Giveaway!!!

To say TY & a Little curtsy to all my new lovely followers!
I'm doing a $25 Gift Certificate to my Etsy Shoppe!

All u gotta do:
-Follow my blog (if ya don't already!)
-Leave a comment on what item u likey from my Shoppe!
-Extra Entry if u Tweet about it!
-Extra Extra Entry if u FB it!

That's it..... will pick wiener (as hubby would say)!
Wiener will be picked on November 29th, next Tuesday!

Ok sending warm beach sunshine to y'all!
It's hot today! Not complainin just sayin!


Beach Poetry Fun! Weekly Series


Freckled Nest Giveaway!!!!

I'm giving away Artisan Designed Seashore Bliss Necklace & Bracelet!!! Enter to win 12 handmade items in the Big Giveaway here

Run don't delay & enter to win all the lovely goodies!!


Locale or Etsy?

I'm totally into supporting locale biz's and spreading the mula here in Brevard County, Florida.
It's green friendly, community building, etc.

BUT I have a quandary.....there are locale Bead Stores here in Brevard and I use to stop in & drop some loot.... I can say across the board the customer service sucked & they never treated me like the good customer I was.

-Bead Store 1 owner say is that all your spending today?! And not joking!
-Bead Store 2 having a ugly family argument in front of me & a friend (who never been in the shop b4)....
-Bead store 3 told me "their rules" and the proper way to follow them!!!!
-Bead Store 4 that would just ignore me if I asked questions (owner) to talk w young college girls bringing in used college books to sell (yes bead & used bookstore)..
-Bead Store 5 where the owner stayed on phone whole time I was in there complaining & ranting about god knows what while telling my hubby to make sure his feet were…

Sundae Beach Day

Isn't it amazing that we still have Beach weather? Late November & all! Not rubbing it in I'm just amazed!

I was in desperate need of some backyard fun & R&R!
Being in balance for me means outside face time!

Disconnect from Cyber, Cre8tiv & work world & just be one w nature, beauty of "the real world"...

Re Remembering I am not what I do, who I represent.

I'm a spiritual being having a human experience!

My soul needed to be revitalized, reenergized, renewed!

What I do for others I needed to do for me...

So we meditated, swooned, smiled, sighed, released & gave gratitude for all that the Universe gives us & for such a gorgeous amazing day!

Giving thanks for this incredibly blissful life we share...


91 and Counting....

Yep that's the number tonite of the goodies in my Etsy Shoppe
100 by Thanksgiving is so doable!!! My goal this month!

Here's the latest yum yum's!!

Fiery Siam Crystal Artisan Earrings!

Peridot Green Crystal Artisan Earrings!

Tropical Sunrise Crystal Artisan Earrings!

Blue Ocean Jade Artisan Earrings!

You Likey???


Bohemian Beach Lifestyle on da Fly

Ok when I looked up Bohemian this is what I found: Bohemian (boho—informal) is defined in The American College Dictionary as
1. A person with artistic
2. & intellectual tendencies
3. Lives and acts with no regard for conventional rules of behavior."

1. I luv luv being cre8tiv check
2. I enjoy intellectual banter & reading check
3. Well I'm a minimalist, spiritually lead, veg head grrl so maybe that qualifies?

I think I've got the Beach Lifestyle down...
-My backyard is da beach
-I go there weekly
-Meditate on the seashore
-Am a Sheller
-Own mostly flip flops
-Go to the mainland as little as possible

Lately I've been feeling more like a cog in the machine... I've been so focused on getting my 100 pieces of Artisan Jewelry goal finished, and working daily as Private Duty Health Aide that I've lost sight of me & who I am, what I believe & represent.

I'm that Boho Beach Grrl who's natural high is cre8ting, sharing, smiling sunshine..
I can…

Pinterest Interest

Thought I'd post some fun fun 70's Vintage Art designs from my Pinterest Account!
Do u remember in the 60-70's the major Cola/UnCola war? I kinda do! Here's a fun look at that time!

Follow me, I'll Follow you! Pinterest Luv Luv!
Sunshine Bliss on Pinterest

I originally found this on I blog I follow: Vintage Everyday

See if you remember any of these (hmmm if ur old enuff!)

Luv the Sun in the background (of course!)

All we need is un un, all we need is UN!

Peter Max inspired? Luv luv!

This is gorgeous! IMHO!

Funny cute relevant!

I always luv luv'd this type of art! 70's luv!

More Sunshine Bliss! Hehe!

Peter Max Style Luv!

I remember this ad vaguely!

Too kewl...


Wow mind blowing design man!

Luv LUV this! Beautiful!

Cute or what?!


Remember this slogan?!

I was a pepsi & a&w root beer grrl growing up in 70's! I actually haven't touched the stuff in a bizzillion years!
I so luv the 70's! I'm so blessed that was my growing up era!!!!