DIY Draw Pilgrim Vintage Style Advent Calendar

Hubby & I have never ever had a Advent Calendar or even knew what they were till few years ago (no we don't live under rock!), so this year I thought we would have one for the holidays! I've seen so many rockin DIY's about them!

I'm a big big fan of Draw Pilgrim Blog! Retro, vintage, colorful all the things I luv luv! When Draw Pilgrim posted about her way kewl vintage style Advent Matchbox cover digital download designs for $3.50 I jumped on that bandwagon!

Click here for her post!

Above pictures from Draw Pilgrim Website!

Cute right????
Click here to buy her Matchbox Advent kit!

It comes as digital download: translation: have Office Depot print it out on heavy card stock! It will run you about $7...

Draw Pilgrim includes the templates for the actual matchbox but I did a shortcut here, I cheated & had hubby buy me matchbox's from Dollar Store. You'll need 24!

I used Elmer's Craft Glue Stick, Scotch Tape & Scissors & thick yarn!

1. Cut them out...
2. Using glue stick apply glue to box & back of the design.
3. Wrap design around matchbox
4. Tape where design matches up on back.
5. Do this 24 times!
6. I used thick yarn & taped each matchbox in order (making a garland)
7. Hang over mantel, wall, etc!

Of course I'm not actually using each box for what their intended! Just for decor!

I put brown bows randomly between & hung it on wall under our wall decal Faith hope love! PS yes the matchbox's peek thru the design is smaller then the box! But I'm fine w that!

Recommended listening during this fun DIY:
Marshmallow World sung by Dean Martin

Baby it's cold outsidesung by Dean Martin

(notice a pattern here?!)

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