Gr8titude Gravy....

I've got soooooooo much to be gre8tful for! Could write book on it!
I think if u live in US then you automatically qualify for the list!
We are soooooooo blessed in this Country!
We have way more resources then 90% of the other countries out there. Fresh drinking water, heat, electricity, plumbing, etc.. We live like royalty (most of us do)..
Even me w our little one bedroom apartment across from the beach!

So I'm awfully gre8tful for all I have and all I'm able to do everyday!

This was my view today out my sunroof!

More Gratitude!!!!!! Livin the life of Eternal Summer!

Sparkly Pink Toes.. New Polish to admire!!!

New Hue of Autumn Luv Wrap Bracelet! Going to be part of a giveaway on Scenic Glory!

Yah Thanksgiving is coming up but to b gre8tful is daily ongoing event!


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