Locale or Etsy?

I'm totally into supporting locale biz's and spreading the mula here in Brevard County, Florida.
It's green friendly, community building, etc.

BUT I have a quandary.....there are locale Bead Stores here in Brevard and I use to stop in & drop some loot.... I can say across the board the customer service sucked & they never treated me like the good customer I was.

-Bead Store 1 owner say is that all your spending today?! And not joking!
-Bead Store 2 having a ugly family argument in front of me & a friend (who never been in the shop b4)....
-Bead store 3 told me "their rules" and the proper way to follow them!!!!
-Bead Store 4 that would just ignore me if I asked questions (owner) to talk w young college girls bringing in used college books to sell (yes bead & used bookstore)..
-Bead Store 5 where the owner stayed on phone whole time I was in there complaining & ranting about god knows what while telling my hubby to make sure his feet weren't wet from rain outside (he wiped them on mat when we came in!)

Why is it ALL Brevard County Bead Shops have sucky customer service? I spend quite a bit of $$ monthly on supplies & stop in regularly & don't flinch at paying retail...

After the silliness of the above situations I decided to start shopping for jewelry supplies & more on Etsy. And guess what? I'm reminded of why I luv Etsy!

Can I say handwritten TY notes? Extra free goodies? Cute reusable packaging? Quick response & customer service? Overall warm yummy feeling?

That's why I spend $$ on supplies on Etsy! I luv to be valued by shop owners (I'm sure I'm not the only one!) and to know that I'm a part of a small business making it's way in the world!

Plus I luv getting packages in the mail ALL the time!


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