My Life in a Instagram

Latest Organic Beauty Goodies.... Love & Toast Persimmon Plum Cologne, Organic Argan oil for skin & hair, Suncoat natural nail polish, Dhea Cream & Natural Dermal Filler for those peskie little frown lines! Scored them from Puritan's Pride...

Our hump day meal! Goombays Resturaunt one block from our house! Homemade dressings & best Ahi Tuna!

Guinness my fav fav boy doggie! I luv him!

On the drive home w sunroof open! Fla Fall is da best!

Beach behind Sun on the Beach.... Afternoon Delite!

Another view.....

Sunshine Bliss!

More Sunshine Bliss!

Sunset November Fla Luv

Cute Thanksgiving Display!

Last weeks beach meditation pic!

Another gorgeous beach view!

Such beautiful weather (summer) this week! Now I just gotta take time to enjoy it!


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