Latest Sunshine Bliss Designs!

96..... I'm four away from 100 pieces in my Etsy Shoppe.. I made this goal few weeks ago @ 60ish pieces! I've been really focused & when I'm not working my day gig I'm designing, with few beach breaks in-between!
It's going to happen by Friday Nov 25!

I purchased (first for me) Etsy Showcase Ad's for this Friday November 25! in Bracelet, Earrings & Necklace Categories! What does that mean? Means if someone looks up Any of those three categories a piece ofmy jewelry that represents that category will be seen! For 24 hours straight!!

Enuff yada yada... Here's new designs available in my Etsy Shoppe!

Braided Silk & Leather Cord -Wish- Bracelet in Autumn Dreams colours & copper!!

Boho Chic Owl Spirit 2 Long Long Artisan Necklace (Locket!)

Boho Chic Owl Spirit Long Long Artisan Necklace (Pocket Watch Pendant!)
These are like 48-50 inches long! Hippie Boho-Chic goodness!!!

Hope u likey!


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