Muah Luv to The First Lime

It's not often u meet someone online who is kind & kind thru & thru....
I've been lucky to meet someone as of late who's sweet as sugar, a cre8tiv dynamo & has style to boot!
That's what I found when cruising Etsy one day looking to Sponsor few blogs!
Monica of The First Lime DIY Blog had a listing for Sponsor spot on her blog for $1?!!! I was like hey fine no problem, and am I so glad I did! Look at the ad she cre8ted for me for free!

And I've gotten quite a few visits from my ad! Now I'm not one to take advantage of others so I'm paypaling her some dough.....

Cute banner she has right?
And she does lovely DIY's!
Amazing the peeps we connect with thru our online life!

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