My day in a Instagram

I think my life couldn't be more complete..
My migraines are ceasing, I've been able to reconnect w family, I've lost 12 pounds (took lots of hardwork!), I'm committed to Pilates 6x week, meditation & Gerson therapy daily & no more chocolate.........
It's alot of work but my back, Sciatica are feeling relief..
I guess my choice is to live as Organic & Wholistic as possible. Not easier path, one less traveled & a lonely one, but worth it!

Today was a incredible Summer Beach Day! Again!! I didn't go but plan on this weekend!

Karma & Zen Zen wondering if the fresh pumpkin seeds are for them!
And one of my fav Cali Thrift Finds! A Ceramic 60's Era Orange that opens & is a Salt & Pepper Shaker!

Sneak Peek at some of my freshest newest silver designs..... Lots of dangles, OM signs & some rhinestones too!!!

Our little corner bookcase area... Embroidery hoops decorated w vintage fabric & some of my embroidery... Bowl of yummy yarn balls w strands of glistening beads, Pray wooden sign, fav books & vintage fabric...also a 1970's Knit Magic in purrfect shape (another Cali find),,,

Hint hint New Sunshine Bliss Studio dangley earrings, necklaces w hippy Boho-Chic vibe for flowy long hippy skirts & wide bells & fringy velvet blouses & old worn Frye Boots Circa 1970...


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