My Life in a Instagram

New weekly Fall Series is one of my obsessions! Snapping pics on my iPhone, edited them on my Photo Studio App & finally adding them to my Instagram collection!!

This week (so far) has brought about gre8t revelations about the nature of the human spirit & my ability to adapt to what God has put in front of moi... Making Organic lemonade Icee's out of sour lemons! But as usual it's a process, and not end result, but journey!

Sunrise 6:55ish 11/9/11 Cloudy but terrific colours! Over the Atlantic!

Few minutes later! Turned out to be a beautiful day!!!

Afternoon View shimmery water off the pool & and inter coastal waterway!

Beautiful Rose Petals drying out!

My adopted boy doggie! PS don't telllll Karma & Zen!

Displays for upcoming events!


New supplies glam!!!

Mrs Beasley my childhood doll & bestie!! I'm so wanting one now!

Little display in our Minimalist home! Important reminder! And luv luv books!

It's only Wednesday & it's already shaping up into a exciting week of possibilities!!!


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