My life in a Instagram

Woahhhhhh what a week!
Glad it's come to a end!

Finished Sunshine Bliss Studio 100 Designs Challenge!
In 3 months!

I cre8ted & designed a 100 Designs Challenge Mixbook w a photo of every piece & comments, etc! Mixbook is very kewl but it's a whole days worth of cre8tivity!

Here's one of my Black Friday Scores! Glitter Pink iPad & Kindle Covers! Amazing !!!!!

All the ladies in our Fam I spent Thanksgiving day w I cre8Ted Artisan Designed bracelets for each one!

Latest Score of hand dyed Silk Ribbon.....

My Clients debris from major yard reno!

Can u believe they did this w/o coaxing!

Karma w paws up!

Amazzzzzzzzing! No I didn't pose them!!!

My other Black Friday deals:

The Pumpkin Pie 70's Style Dress from Red Velvet (50% off sale!)...

And a pair of 60's GoGo boots off Etsy!!!!

How does this fit into my minimalist lifestyle?

Well the dress is for Holidays & I'll keep it 4ever! And could do a casual w jeans look too!

The boots? I didn't have a pair & I'll keep them 4ever too! I can dress them down or up!

So their staples for my simplistic wardrobe!!


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